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Give your entire family the protection they deserve.

Pet insurance reimburses you for your dog or cat’s unexpected medical bills.

A few coverage options include:

Access to your pet’s records for travel and emergency

Text and email reminders for pet health appointments

Lost pet technology using GPS and family text alerts

Pet-friendly business locator

Your pet is treated at any veterinarian for sickness or injury. You submit the bill to Figo for reimbursement by simply snapping a photo of your vet bill. Then, you upload the photo via Figo’s Pet Cloud mobile app to be reimbursed for the costs in an average of 7 days. It’s that easy.

Advancements in veterinary medicine save more pets than ever, and those treatments can be really expensive.

For an average cost of $1.25 per day, Figo lets you visit any licensed veterinarian, specialist, and ER in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Enrollment is easy and Figo’s customer care team is accessible by phone, email, text, chat, and Twitter.

With your Figo policy, you also receive the first-ever Pet Cloud with a mobile app to manage your pet’s life. 


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